Travel Visa Australia – Start Exploring Today

Thousands of people travel to Australia with different reasons. Since it takes long to travel and there are some specific rules of immigration, it is always good to be prepared. Australia is a lively multicultural society and many languages are spoken here. Having complete information on how to acquire Australian visa prior to planning your visit is better. Here is a brief guide to help you.

Apply for Australia visa online

The Electronic Travel Visa is the most advanced and efficient visa authorization system in the world. It is an electronically stored authorization to help you travel to Australia without any paper documentation and a stamp in your passport.

How to apply for instant ETA online

  • Complete the application available online
  • Provide travel information and passport details for each person travelling
  • Make the payment and submit
  • Your application gets processed instantly and gets linked to your passport number
  • You get a confirmation email of your ETA status within few minutes

Characteristics of ETA visa

  • ETA allows you to stay in Australia for up to 3 months each time you visit Australia within the time period of 12 months from the date visa was granted.
  • ETA is exclusive because there is no documentation required, no application forms to fill in and not even a stamp or visa label on passport.
  • To apply for ETA you must be outside Australia and your passport must be issued from ETA eligible country or region.
  • When applying for ETA you need to provide your passport number. If your passport is lost or stolen before leaving Australia, you will have to reapply for ETA visa.


If your passport is not from ETA eligible countries, you will have to apply for visa to travel to Australia. You can gather all information regarding visa from the Department of Immigration & Border Protection or from the Australian High Commission in London.

In specific circumstances you may be asked to undergo a health check-up. This could be required if you are an aged person. In such situations, make sure you factor extra time for this when you apply for travel visa Australia.

If you hold an ePassport you can make use of SmartGate to pass through passport control after arriving to Australia.

Passport validity

When you enter Australia, your passport should be valid up to your proposed stay in Australia. You need not worry about any additional period of validity beyond this.

For dual nationals

If you are a dual national living in Australia, you are required to leave and enter Australia on Australian passport. If you fail to do this, you may face difficulties and unnecessary delay.

Yellow fever

Travellers aged one year or more are required to get yellow fever vaccination within 6 days of entering into Australia.

Visa fee

The cost of visa changes from time to time. Price of visa depends on the date your application is received. In case there is a difference in the fee from the time you applied for the visa and the date on which your application was received, you will have to pay the new application charge.

If you are seeking adventure by land or sea, apply for Australia visa online and plan your journey today. The island continent offers so many opportunities to explore that it is hard to mention them all here. So, why delay? Australia’s natural beauty is waiting for you.

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