Obtaining Business, Conference And Employment Visas In India

Any foreign national who wants to visit India for business or employment purpose must have a valid passport and a valid Indian employment visa with him or her. Work related visas in India are business visa which is designated as B visa and employment visa designated as E-visa.

Indian employment visa

Employment visa is granted to a foreigner who needs to work in India as an employee for an Indian company or as a paid intern.

Essential conditions for grant of employment visa

  • For highly skilled or qualified professional
  • If there is no Indian of that calibre available to perform the job
  • Not available for routine, regular or clerical jobs
  • The employee should be of a company working on a project in India or a company registered in India.
  • The salary must be excess of $25,000 except for language teachers, ethnic cooks, translators and the staff working for embassy or high commission.
  • Must comply with all legal requirements
  • The documents will be checked properly before deciding on giving the visa
  • The name of the sponsoring employer or organization must be clearly specified on visa sticker.
  • A foreign company can sponsor any employee only when it has a project office in India
  • Any Indian organization can sponsor employment visa
  • The sponsoring Indian company will be responsible for the conduct of the foreign national during his stay in India.

Eligibility criteria

  • Foreign nationals who work as consultant and are paid by Indian company
  • Foreign artists visiting India for regular performances
  • Coming to India as coaches for the state level or national teams
  • Foreign sports persons on contract with Indian clubs or organizations
  • Self-employed foreign nationals offering skilled service with legal permission
  • Foreign language teachers, chefs, engineers, technicians
  • Senior management personal
  • Foreign nationals for execution of a project
  • On short visit to repair plan or machinery
  • For imparting training for Indian personal

Duration and validity

An Indian employment visa is valid for one year and further extension of five years is possible. However, foreign registration with FRRO or FRO is essential for those staying in India above 180 days within 14 days of arrival. The extension is possible under suitable circumstances like good conduct, by producing necessary documents of extension of employment, filing of income tax returns and if no adverse security inputs is available about the foreigner.

Indian business visa

Business visa is granted to a representative or the owner of a company who wants to visit India for sales or to establish contacts on behalf of the country. It is valid usually for one year or more. This type of visa allows a person to stay in India for six months only.

Essential conditions for grant of business visa

  • The applicant must have a valid travel document and a re-entry permit
  • Must be a person of guaranteed financial standing
  • The applicant must not be visiting India for lending money, getting involved in petty trade or business or for full employment
  • Must comply with all other prerequisites
  • The grant of business visa is subject to changes by the Government of India and the relationship with different foreign countries.

Eligibility criteria

Indian business visa can be granted to foreign nationals if:

  • The person is visiting India to establish a business venture or to explore the possibilities of setting up the venture
  • The person is coming to India to sell industrial, commercial or consumer goods
  • For recruitment of manpower
  • For technical meetings, discussions and for providing business service support.
  • Those who are partners in any Indian company
  • For consultation regarding exhibitions, trade fairs, business fairs and more
  • Foreign buyers, who come to evaluate quality, give specifications, place orders, negotiate supplies and more.
  • Foreign experts to monitor progress of work provide high level technical advice or conduct meetings.
  • For pre sales activities
  • Foreign trainees of multinational companies
  • Foreign students for internship programs in India
  • For work related to projects of national interests.

Durability and validity

An Indian business visa is valid one year or more and with multiple entries. With each visit the person can stay up to six months. If there is a joint venture done, the visa valid for ten years may be available.

The visa duration starts from the day of issuance and not on the day of entry to India.

Visa can be extended for five more years if it is granted for less than five years at present.

Indian conference visa


Indian conference visa is available for attending international conferences, provided they have an invitation for that conference. If the conference is organized by a private company, you will have to apply for Indian business visa for shortest duration.

Duration and validity

A conference visa is valid for three months from the date of issuance. It is a single entry visa.

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