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Travelers visiting Argentina require to be in possession of a valid passport. Citizens from U.S.A, Canada and Australia visiting Argentina for tourism or business do not require a visa for visits of up to 90 days. However they are required to pay a “Reciprocity Fee”. The fee only applies to bearers of tourist passports and is required to be paid online in advance prior to travel to Argentina.

At the time of the request being submitted the original passport is not required for the processing. The request can be completed online through VisaBuzz and the Reciprocity Fee will be paid on your behalf via VisaBuzz.

Once the completed application is processed, VisaBuzz will email you the proof of payment receipt which is called Reciprocity Fee. This document requires to be printed and presented to the Argentine immigration officer at the time of entry.

It is advisable to keep multiple copies of the receipt as it requires to be presented for each entry made into Argentina.

Required Documents

  • Passport Information

  • FAQ'S

    What do I need to enter Argentina?
    If you are a U.S. Canadian or Australian citizen you will be required to pay the Reciprocity Fee in order to enter the country. You will need to process this payment before traveling. Moreover, you will not be allowed to board the plane without a printed copy of the Reciprocity Fee. Furthermore, after your arrival you will have to present the Reciprocity Fee at the Immigration Control.

    How do I apply for my Reciprocity Fee to Argentina? makes this process very simple for our customers. With our straightforward form the process is simplified and our consultants will expedite it for you. Your passport will not be needed and we will be able to send your information back to you in 24hrs. Once you receive the email from one of our consultants you must print a copy of the Reciprocity Fee and carry the printed copy with you on your trip.

    Is the Reciprocity Fee refundable?
    Once the Reciprocity Fee is processed the fees will be non-refundable. If the Argentinean Government does not grant the visa after the payment is processed, the service fee and Consular fee will not be refunded. If the Government of Argentina refunds the Reciprocity Fee, we will refund it back but the service fee will remain. Please note the Reciprocity Fee is valid for 10 years for U.S. citizens, multiple years for Canadian citizens and 1 year for Australians.

    For how long is my reciprocity fee receipt is valid and how much does it cost?
    U.S. citizens, the Reciprocity Fee is valid for 10 years and costs $160.
    Australian citizens, the Reciprocity Fee is valid for 1 year and costs $100.
    Canadian citizens the Reciprocity Fee is valid until 1 month before the expiration of your current passport and costs $92

    When will you send me my confirmation?
    We will process your visa within 24 hrs from the moment you submit your request. Once the process is completed, we will send you the receipt to the email provided on the order form. You can always contact us if you encounter any problems at

    What do I do when I receive my confirmation by email?
    Once you receive the email from us, you will have to print out the Reciprocity Fee receipt and carry it with you on your trip. Remember, the airline will not let you board the plane without that receipt.

    What countries need Reciprocity Fee to Argentina?
    The U.S. Canada and Australia are required to obtain a Reciprocity Fee. There are many other countries that require a visa to enter Argentina.

    What do I do if I have questions?
    If you have questions regarding your application, contact us at, an expert will be available to help you via phone or email.

    VisaBuzz is not affiliated with the Government of Argentina. VisaBuzz provides registration services that will save you time. VisaBuzz provides help to customers to process online requests by facilitating easy to complete forms and by sending the documents directly to the email provided.

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