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Sri Lanka Visa

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Travelers visiting Sri Lanka require to be in possession of a valid passport. Citizens of some countries visiting Sri Lanka for Tourism can apply for a Sri Lankan ETA prior to their travel to Sri Lanka. The application for the same requires to be submitted online and once approved the approval will be emailed back.

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) requires to be applied, even if the traveler has a valid Sri Lanka visa.

The original passport is not required for the processing of the Sri Lankan ETA. On completion and submission of the online form through VisaBuzz, the request will be submitted and processed on behalf of the traveler to the Sri Lanka Department of Immigration. The ETA will be emailed back to the traveler once request has been approved.

Required Documents

  • Passport Information
  • A round trip ticket which has to be shown at the port of entry in Sri Lanka.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover the expenses in Sri Lanka.

  • FAQ'S

    What is an ETA to Sri Lanka?
    An ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for Sri Lanka is the electronic authorization issued directly to travelers without having the need to send their passport to any of the official consulates. An ETA for Sri Lanka authorizes access to travelers residing outside Sri Lanka without having to affix a stamp in your passport

    Can I obtain an ETA for business and tourism?
    Yes, you can. The ETA for Sri Lanka is issued for Tourism, Business, and Transit Purposes.

    What do I need to apply for my ETA?
    There are no requisites for applying for an ETA; there is no need to book any flights or hotels. Once the form is completed we will obtain the ETA for you.

    Do I need to obtain an ETA if I already have one?
    The ETA for Sri Lanka is valid for 6 months and the new ETA cannot be obtained until the previous one is expired.

    Can I apply for an ETA for Sri Lanka while I am in Sri Lanka?
    No, you cannot. You need to process the request before traveling.

    If my ETA is not approved, do I get my fees back?
    No, the ETA is non refundable, once the payment is processed the fees are not refunded by the government of Sri Lanka.

    I have made a mistake while completing the form, what can I do?
    Once we process your application we will not be able to edit it, you MUST make sure all information listed on your submission form is 100% accurate. At this point the fees will not be refundable and we will have to obtain a new ETA and a new fee will apply.

    What do I do if I have questions?

    If you have questions regarding your application, contact us at, an expert will be available to help you via phone or email.

    VisaBuzz is not affiliated with the Government of Sri Lanka. VisaBuzz provides registration services that will save you time. VisaBuzz provides help to customers to process online requests by facilitating easy to complete forms and by sending the documents directly to the email provided.

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