Terms And Conditions

The conditions described here apply to all visa and passport applications or any kind of relevant request related to consular authorities. The client declares to understand and accept the terms and conditions listed: 

1. Applications:

The client requesting a visa must submit all documentation required under the terms and conditions as per the consular authorities of the country of destination to ensure that the request can be processed correctly within the time limit specified.

2. Delays

VisaBuzz disclaims all liability for any visa application unexecuted or a considerable delay in processing as a result of the lack of documentation or for not being correctly delivered or for any event for any failure, delay or negligence of the consular authorities in issuing the visa.

VisaBuzz will not be liable for any delay as a result of delays in delivery of the requested documentation produced by faults or incidents in the collection attributable to the company contracted, courier delivery for this purpose. Any delay or impact on the subsequent return of passports to their owners, once they have been delivered to the courier company for distribution is the sole responsibility of the courier company according to the conditions set out in their conditions of carriage. Visa Buzz will be free from all liability.

The issuance of a visa solely depends on the issuing authority and immigration officials in each country are the ones who have the final decision to admit into the country even though visas are issued. VisaBuzz can give no assurance that the competent authority promptly issue the visa and therefore Visa Buzz fees will be charged for performing the necessary arrangements for such issue . 

The non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until all visas are secured. In any case, the visa applicant (not VisaBuzz) will be responsible for ensuring that they have met all the requirements of the visa..

We advise our clients to secure visas as early as possible and not purchase airline tickets until confirmation that the visa has been issued by the consular authorities is received.

3. Price

Prices shown in writing or by telephone are estimates until the final completion of the requested service.
VisaBuzz reserves the right to modify their rates in the following cases:

• Incomplete application or not according to the type of visa requested

• Change in rates of consular fees without notice.

• Changes in processing times that means paying a surcharge of our rates or consular fees for visa processing in less than three days and / or 24 hours, depending on the case.

Payment for the contracted services must be paid in full before the documents are shipped or emailed back to the customer. 

If the customer cancels his visa application processing, VisaBuzz will refund any fees that have not been incurred.

4. Pickups and Returns

VisaBuzz offers its customers mailing services for document processing. This service is concluded with a premier company specializing in express transportation. However, if the customer decides to dispense with the service and sends its own means the documentation required, all expenses incurred shall be borne exclusively by the customer.

5. Processing times

VisaBuzz is committed to the provision of documentation as quickly as possible after is being received in the office. The processing time is counted from the day the complete application is received if the submission is possible that same day or the day after if application is received after submission time. Sending documents, once the consulates or passport agencies finalize the process, the documents will be shipped the same day received in the office.

6. Personal information

If for any reason you wish to cancel a service before your passport and other supporting documents are received by VisaBuzz you will not be subject to any penalties or charges. You will receive a full refund of any fees paid for this particular service and for return shipping (if applicable). On the other hand, if you decide to cancel after your passport, supporting documents or online application were received and processed (within two hours from the moment the information is received) no refund will be given and the service will be completed. In these cases, NO service fees, embassy fees, shipping charges (when applicable) or any portion thereof will be refunded after the application process has begun.